Question Man: Holidays 2019

Rita Gamboa, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Winter break is coming up which means the holidays are right around the corner, whether it is traveling or just staying locally and spending time with friends and family. The Oarsman asked students how they celebrate during the holidays.

Kaylee Howze, Senior:
“During the holidays I usually fly back East to Pittsburg with my family because that’s where I’m from. I’m Jewish so we celebrate Hanukkah. So we’re kind of non-traditional, nonorthodox. We still have a tree, but we still celebrate during the duration of the days.”

Mateo Holguin, Senior:
“During Christmas, it’s always me, my mom, my dad, and then my brother flies in from San Francisco and then we just spend a couple of hours at our house in the morning, watching a couple of Christmas films. Around 11:30, we go to Long Beach to see my grandma and my mom’s side of the family. We go there and have some soul food and we stay there for the entire day.”

Madahi Canseco, Senior:

“We contact my family and then we decide whether we want to go to San Diego because we have family there or if we want to stay and go to our cousin’s house instead because we don’t really have family and those are the only two families we have. Sometimes our family will break, so half of us will go to one house and the other half will go to the other. Then the day before whichever holiday it’s going to be, everyone just ends up cooking and then the next day we just celebrate.”