Students Describe Their Highlights of The Decade

Charity Grant, Reporter

With the decade coming to an end, it’s a time to look back and reflect on all the memories we created. Here are some students’ most memorable moments from the past 10 years.


Mya Edwards, Senior 2015

“My favorite memory from the past decade was the second time I went to San Francisco and Oakland, California with my mom, sister, and aunt.”

“I was 13 years old on this trip. This was the first time we had a girls trip and I had one of the best times of my life. We were singing Kehlani while driving with the windows down, down the streets of San Francisco! I had no worries and it was the first time I opened up to my mom on a new level. We talked about girl things, our feelings towards guys, our proudest moments in life, and made fun of our family in a loving way.”


Frances Abad, Senior 2019

“My favorite memory is from this year, when my friends and I skipped the Homecoming dance and instead ate out and went to the movies.”

“Half of us didn’t go to Homecoming because we were doing college apps and the other half wanted to experience Homecoming since it’s our last year. We dressed up as if we were going to the dance and met up with others who went to the dance. Initially we were gonna go to Ihop, but it was full. When we were about to leave for McDonald’s, we were playfully going to leave our friend at the ihop parking lot and it wasn’t until midnight that we got to McDonald’s.”


Alicia Martinez, Senior 2015

“My favorite memories from this decade were being able to find out what love actually means and to have a great experience in love.”

“In 2015, me and my boyfriend went to Universal Studios during Horror Nights. 

This memory is very important to me because he was my first boyfriend and ‘til this day, I will never forget how he asked me out.”


Donna Ortiz, Freshman 2019

“My favorite memories from this decade were mine and my brother’s graduation. They were this year and I loved it because I got to get dressed up and experience something nice. As they called his name, it was beautiful seeing my brother as he threw his cap up. My graduation was sad but nice. I got to experience it with my friends before we all left to different schools. We got to spend one last great memory together.” 


Robert Hickerson, Junior 2019 


“My favorite memory was the first game (of football). It was something special.

 The team played together. We were hyped for each other and for each play, and we played aggressive. It was a start of a new beginning. People thought we were going to do horrible this season because we lost a few people and we proved them wrong and everybody played good that game and it was all smiles.”