Venice Students Help the Less Fortunate This Thanksgiving


Nick Tomlin

In the month of November, Venice’s student government held a schoolwide food drive. Boxes were put in every classroom to collect canned and boxed foods that would be donated to impoverished families in the Venice community. Students could help out the cause by bringing in canned foods such as vegetables, rice, or pasta or boxed foods such as cereal or oats. 

“The goal of our food drive this year isn’t to get any certain numerical number of cans, but simply to help feed those who are less fortunate than us,” said ASB teacher Ms. Sabbah. 

All the donations were collected from classrooms on November 22. From there, ASB is dropping the donated cans of food off at a distribution center where the cans are given to families in need. 

“We didn’t necessarily set a goal, but we did way better than we expected. We received so many donations, especially from Ms. Chew’s class,” said ASB president Breanna Mixon. With the expectations exceeded, Venice’s student government did their part in giving back this holiday season.