6 Ideas on How to Spend your Valentine’s Day


Marina Eskander, Reporter

February 14 is an important time to start the New Year, as couples scramble to find the perfect Valentine’s Day ideas. On this special day, the most important gift is the time you spend with the person you love and care for. But by showing our appreciation for them on this romantic holiday, we generally try and decide all the different ways we might go about the day to show how much we really cherish them, whether you’re getting that special person a thoughtful gift, going out somewhere nice, or maybe even spending your Valentine’s alone or with friends. Here are six ideas to start off your Valentine’s Day in 2020.


Walk Along Venice Beach

A relaxing and cheap way to spend your Valentine’s Day is to just walk along Venice Beach, away from distractions and appreciating each other’s presence. As a high school student, after all, it’s hard to buy expensive gifts or to go to a fancy restaurant. Although, if you’re fortunate enough, take up that opportunity to go to a restaurant close to the beach. One Venice student, Savanna White, describes what her plans will be for the Valentine’s Day weekend. “I’m probably going to work on Valentine’s Day, so after I’m probably just going out to dinner with my boyfriend and we just spend the evening there,” she said, so if you can, go to a restaurant near Venice Beach like 26 Beach and C&O Trattoria and just pig out.


Stay Home and Watch Movies

What is better than simply sitting down with the person you love, watching an entertaining show and eating snacks? Sit down and watch your favorite Netflix TV show like, “You” or “The Office.”


Spend the Night Out at the Museum

A museum may seem boring to the average high school student, but try it out some time, it’s nice if you really look at the beauty and detail that’s put into art. Mandarin teacher Dali Luo enjoys going to museums. Like Luo, explore your creative side by checking out cost-free museums like The Getty and LACMA and explore your creative side. Besides, you haven’t had an ideal date if you haven’t walked under Chris Burden’s romantic “Urban Light” setting at night while at LACMA. Admire Vincent Van Gough’s eye-catching “Irises” at The Getty, or maybe if you’re in the mood to experience the perfect sunset without actually going to one, indulge in the Getty’s painting “Sunrise” by Calude Monet. If that doesn’t interest you, museums tend throw parties or special events at night that are accompanied with live music. 

Watch your Favorite Sports Game 

Take a lazy Valentine’s Day weekend and spend the night cheering on your favorite teams. If you are into sports, go on ahead and watch your favorite team play off against their competitors, live or at home. 

Go to An Amusement Park

Win a stuffed animal at an amusement park with either your partner or friends at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier or any other fun amusement park close to you, Devour cotton candy, stop by the arcade, go on the best rides and enjoy yourselves. If  none are close, then go on a trip to Disneyland. It’s certainly worth the long drive there.

Shop At the Grove or The 3rd Street Promenade

Walk under the city lights of the 3rd Street Promenade or The Grove and browse around the stores. After exhausting all your energy on shopping for your favorite brand name clothes, go home to reflect on your accomplishment of getting through those heavy crowds of people, meanwhile, getting all the clothes you have been meaning to buy.