Question Man: Valentine’s Day

Rita Gamboa, Reporter

Valentine’s Day is a day where people celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration. People often go on dates to celebrate this holiday and just enjoy each others company. The Oarsman asked students to describe their idea of a perfect date.

Rita Gamboa

Alonna Deshotel, Junior:

“I would describe the perfect date by having a picnic, going to the movies and then going for sushi and maybe after that going to Dave and Busters. I’d like to have an exciting day.”

Rita Gamboa

Natalie Gurzeler, Sophomore:

“The perfect date would probably be like something nice and secluded, nothing too mainstream. It would be in the evening, but we would be eating something like junk food, I don’t want a fancy dinner, because that’s expensive. I want something more laid back and chill. Something to set the mood.”

Rita Gamboa

Willian Reyes, Senior:

“A perfect date would be going to the movies, then having dinner. Splitting the bill and getting each other a little gift. Watching a movie you both enjoy, like a good action movie or a romantic movie, not anything sad or funny but something romantic.”