Sailing Club to Help Students Get on the Ocean



Captain Sarnoff in her commodore suit.

Shia Wade, Reporter

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On Tuesdays at lunch, students are invited to come join Ms.Sarnoff, in Room 7, to learn how to sail. Everything will be fully paid for, so students don’t have to worry about the cost. The Venice Boys and Girls Club put 250 students on sailboats this summer, mostly students who never sailed before and had never been on the ocean or even on a boat!

 “It’s a life-changing experience!” said Capt. Wendy Sarnoff, a Venice teacher and sailor. It’s a six-week program and the Boys in Girls Club is looking to take a lot of students.

The students won’t have to worry about not being able to get on a boat, almost everyone who joins will get a quick opportunity to sail. They are looking for students to attend the program and become also student instructors and help the younger students. The Boys and Girls Club has kayaks, sailboats and wants to get this sailing club together as soon as possible. 

Students are already signed up, but there’s definitely space for more students, said Capt. Sarnoff. She is extremely interested in young women sailors, because they are rare in the industry. 

Sailing is a great career path and isn’t that competitive. Learning how to sail is a great opportunity that you shouldn’t miss on, said Capt. Sarnoff. No license is required for students to sail a boat. “This could be your future and a good career pathway.” said Capt. Sarnoff.