How to spend your spring break

Charity Grant, Staff Writer

Many students look forward to their spring break as a time to relax and restore before finishing up the last lag of the school year. This year, spring break falls on the week of April 6 to 12, which gives only a few more weeks before the interlude. With a week off from school it can be overwhelming planning different ways to spend each day of your break, however you don’t have to be relegated to binging your favorite Netflix shows or scrolling through Tik Tok. Whether you’d prefer to spend your break enjoying the outdoors, getting ahead in school-related work or unwinding indoors, here are some ideas on ways you can make the most of your spring break. 

Exploring The City 

Living in Los Angeles, there are so many different opportunities to get out and find something interesting to do in the city no matter what your preference is. Go kart racing, ice or roller skating, bike riding, going to an arcade or taking a beach trip are all fun activities you can do to get out of the house and spend time with friends. If you’re a fan of taking photos, interactive museums such as Museum of Selfies and Museum of Illusions and Upside Down House are full of vibrant and fun exhibits where you are part of the art and photography is highly encouraged. Those who prefer more thrill however, may enjoy the excitement of an amusement park such as Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm or Universal Studios.

Educational Approaches 

If you would rather spend your break taking a more educational approach, there are things for you to do as well. Upperclassmen may want to take this time to apply for scholarships or take a tour of a college campus and underclassmen may want to research colleges and majors that suit their interests.

“For my spring break plans, I’m going to visit and take a tour of Southern University (Louisiana) to get a feel of the college before I fully commit,” said senior Sharlize Sutherland. Other things to do to get ahead in your studies are completing volunteer hours, studying for any class you may need help in, practicing taking the SAT or ACT exams or even visiting museums such as the Natural History Museum or The Broad. 

Things to do at home 

Those who prefer to stay and unwind closer to a home setting, may enjoy hosting a sleepover, movie night, barbeque or potluck with their close friends or family. However, if you are not a fan of social events, some activities for you are to treat yourself with some personalized self care such as a face mask or visiting a spa or using the time to complete anything that you have been putting off such as decorating your room or getting together with an old friend or family member.