Luke Boulanger and Lupe Hernandez

Carmen Perez, Features Editor

Luke Boulanger and Lupe Hernandez:


How did you guys meet?

Boulanger: “First she told me she didn’t have Snapchat, and then I found it and I texted her. We started playing 8 ball, I beat her like eight times in a row. We started talking and now we are here.” 


How long have you been together?

“Almost a year.”


Why do you love each other?

Boulanger: “We get along and understand each other. When we go through different situations, good or bad, we are always there for each other.”


What is the best advice that you have given to each other?


Boulanger : “She gives me good baseball advice, because she used to watch all my games.”

Where do you see each other in a year?


Both: “Same place, definitely.”


What is the most romantic thing you have done for each other?

Hernandez: “The most romantic thing he has done is taking me to Johnnie’s Pastrami and asking me out for Homecoming. He failed, but at least he tried.”

Luke: “I planned to ask her to Homecoming like a hundred times but my plans kept failing. But I was persistent and it worked. She would also bring me snacks or In-n-Out when I had baseball games.”


How do you affect each other’s lives?

Boulanger: “She helps me with my homework.”

Hernandez: “I help him and motivate him to do his work, we always help each other. If we have a test, he helps me study.”


What do you guys admire about each other?

Boulanger: “Her work ethic. She’ll stay up all night studying, while I’ll just take a look at the paper and then go to sleep, I really admire that about her.”


What has been the best moment of the relationship so far?


Hernandez: “The best moment was when I met Luke’s family.”

Boulanger: “I tricked her into coming over to my house, saying that it would be just me and my parents and my whole family was there.”


Do you think you guys are soulmates?

Both: “Yes.”