Question Man: Unpopular Opinions

Rita Gamboa, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Everyone has opinions. What makes them interesting is when they are completely different from others. The Oarsman asked students, “What’s an unpopular opinion you have and why?”

Rita Gamboa
Philip Beniam

Philip Beniam, Senior:

 “Relish is the best condiment to put on a hotdog because it actually has texture and flavor.”

Rita Gamboa
Fredrick Kelly

Fredrick Kelly, Senior: 

“Androids are better than iPhones because Androids give less ads and have better processors than iPhones.”

Rita Gamboa
Lara Harden

Lara Harden, Senior: 

Salt and vinegar chips are the best chips ‘cause I like the pain.”

Rita Gamboa
Robert Lamar

Robert Lamar, Freshman: 

I like pineapple on pizza. I think it’s good and delicious.”

Rita Gamboa
Anthony Carmona

Anthony Carmona, Sophomore: 

“In my spare time I like to go over math problems because it’s really important in life. The reason is because you need it in everyday situations, whether it revolves around geometry, like certain angles.”

Rita Gamboa
Natalia Paterson

Natalia Paterson, Sophomore:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is better than The Office because it’s funnier. The Office is boring because the characters are always in the same setting.”