Valentine Dates

Cinthia Hercules, Photo Editor

It’s that time of year where guys worry about how much they’re going to spend and girls worry about what to wear for the night. The single people out there will have no worries at all but to make themselves happy!
Valentine’s Day is in two days and if you are clueless on what to do, here are a few ideas:

-If money isn’t such a problem, go to a nice classic restaurant like:
• Olive Garden- one is located at The Westfield (Fox Hills Mall)
• Buca Di Beppo, if you both like Italian- located in Santa Monica
• Cheesecake Factory- located in Marina Del Rey
• Overland Café, for a cute breakfast date
• Café 50’s- located on Lincoln Boulevard
• Benihana’s (food made right in front of you)- located on Fourth Street in Santa Monica

– Cute ideas:
• Enjoy the day at Disneyland
• Go bowling
• Go out to some sport event or game
• Go mini golfing
– Those on a budget try:
• Just spend the day together at home, order pizza and watch movies all night
• Create a delicious picnic at the beach or park and enjoy a good view
• Enjoy a scavenger hunt and at the end have a surprising dinner date
• Go out to a movie
• Take a scenic bike ride adventure

– If you have a car:
• Try a drive-in theater (Riverside, Backers Field, LA County)
• Cruise around to some new places
• Visit the San Fernando overlook (better at night)
• Go see the Griffith Observatory
• Just chill somewhere with a nice view and buy each other some cute little gifts