Girls’ Softball Season Starts Off Strong, Putting Them First In The Conference

Edryan Calderon, Reporter

     After defeating Hamilton High School in their first home game, and following up that win with another victory over Fairfax High School, the girls’ softball team hopes to make winning a habit and beat all of their upcoming opponents.

     Despite losing to Santa Monica High School in an unofficial league game, the girls from both the Varsity and JV team felt as their match against Hamilton High was ultimately a tougher match and now feel motivated and inspired to do the best they can against all their upcoming competitions.

     “I feel like we can beat anyone right now, after all it was the hardest game we’ve played so far,” said Stephanie Flores, a JV player, who feels motivated after facing and winning in the game against Hamilton. The score in the end was 4-2 for the JV team and 12-4 for the varsity team, as Venice High has now become undefeated at home this season so far.

     With this early boost in their morale, the girls’ softball team now looks to create a winning streak, to reach a higher level of success than they did in their previous years.

     “After the win against Hamilton High School, I feel like we are unstoppable,”  said Rhylie Miramontes, a JV player. “Now all we need to do is hold our own in the following games in order to stay on track to win the most,” said Miramontes when asked if anything could stop the team once they have gotten warmed up to the season.

     In the end, both JV and varsity look to establish themselves as one of the tougher teams to win over in the Western League. 

     The next game for the girls’ softball team is on Monday, March 23 at 3:00 p.m. against Palisades High School at their court.

Anna Oeser, taking the field versus Hamilton (Kayla Leon )