Venice High Artist Janna Rae


Hiromi Maeda

Senior artist Janna Rae.

Destin Evans, Staff Writer

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Venice High senior Janna Rae is using her creative talents to produce her business with her paintings and drawings. Rae paints surrealism and realism, as well as doing watercolor paintings, line art and sketches. Her art is based off of cultural styles, dealing with internal conflict or personal interest. Then, she sells them to the Venice High community and outside school. 

Courtesy of Janna Rae
Rae putting the final details to a pair of sneakers.

Rae takes custom orders based on what people want, offering reasonable prices for her art for Venice students as she understands that some Venice students don’t have enough money for the price her art is really worth. She charges around $7 for a watercolor painting or portrait, and usually $40 a piece for others outside of school. 

To get her paintings out in the world, Rae uses promotion to advertise her business. She asks people to advertise her business across social media platforms and advertises on her own social media, for example on instagram: @jannarae.n. Rae also enters shows to gain exposure for her business so she can sell more paintings.

Rae innovates and tries to improve the way she runs her business.  Using her art skills, Rae is starting to test her designs on shoes. Customized shoes nowadays is a popular fashion trend.

Rae tends to be more involved in the community and school and wants to carry that tendency on in her future.

Besides running the small business in college, Rae wants to go to art school. Her dream art college is Otis School of Design and wants to major in Illustration or Fine Arts. 

 Rae hopes to pursue art as a stable career as well as make an impact in her community through spreading a message. 

“Most of my pieces are about being young and broke, not necessarily liking high school and looking up to famous artists,” said Rae in a text. “ I guess I paint a message that relates to other people like myself.” 

Rae is passionate about art and doesn’t care about the money. Rae wants her art to be meaningful instead of just a design.