Model and Athlete Cailee Grayhorse Pupecki


Hiromi Maeda

Senior artist and softball player Caliee Pupecki Grayhorse.

Daniel Ho, Wed Editor

Cailee Grayhorse Pupecki, a senior here at Venice high school, is a model in her free time. Over the four years she has spent at Venice, she has gained recognition for her unique sense of fashion and her skills on the softball field. She is also an outstanding student who is part of a select few students who have earned a Jacket of Excellence. 

Outside of school, Grayhorse has been working as a model for the last three years and has modeled for companies such as Nike, Teen Vogue, Beats, Under Armour, Bape, and Apple. She plans to study fashion design in college while also playing softball.

How did you get into modeling?

My mom is a photographer so I was used to being in front of the camera. When I moved to Los Angeles my mom helped me get modeling jobs and then I eventually got signed to Select Model Agency.

What are some of your favorite brands you’ve modeled for?

Some of my favorites would have to be with Under Armour, Nike, TeenVogue and Apple. Shooting with Under Armour was an amazing experience because I was flown out to Iceland to shoot.

Is modeling something you’d be interested in making a career?

I am open to the idea of making a career out of modeling, but I feel like I will make a bigger impact in the world of fashion design.  

How have you enjoyed your time at Venice?

I’ve enjoyed my time at Venice playing softball which has motivated me to continue here. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends on the front lawn every day.

How has your experience at Venice shaped you as a person?

I think my experience here has helped me learn about many different types of people. Venice has a lot of diversity and people from many different walks of life that you have to be able to communicate with. Being here helped me to get a better idea of the world as a whole.


What are your plans for after high school?

After high school I plan to attend the Academy of Art in San Francisco where I plan to play softball and study fashion design. I’m very excited to go there, make new friends and explore the city.


What will you miss the most about Venice?

I’ll definitely miss the community around Venice and being able to enjoy nature. I’ll also miss my family who lives in Venice.