New Teaching Methods During Quarantine


Shia Wade, Staff Writer

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Venice teachers are trying their best to shift to online schooling the best way possible. All teachers are using Schoology and the program’s updates  and some are using Zoom for lectures. Other teachers have used Google Slides and YouTube. They are practicing with online tools to find the best, most efficient way to teach during this shocking change of event.

Teachers are well aware of the class schedule that was developed , and are offering zoom calls during scheduled class periods. Some host meetings as frequently as possible. Although it is hard to gather students in zoom calls, teachers still make an effort. 

Math teacher Michael Smith copes with this change by staying as organized as possible by giving students a weekly guide on the Schoology update page, that many students can access during the week. The zoom calls are added to support the work assigned. Mr. Smith gives out tests every two weeks. 

History teacher David Silberman gives his take on how he is managing this curve ball which is online schooling.

    “For someone who has been a classroom teacher for 46 years and growing up with paper and print technology, I had a very hard time transitioning online and digital teaching,” said Mr. Silberman. “I have learned to use Zoom to conduct classes and have adjusted to seeing students on them just twice a week but nothing can replace daily in person classes held every day. I am disappointed that a small and constantly dwindling percentage of students are actually showing up for these Zoom classes. I have posted assignments on Schoology and had the percentage of students increase from 25% to 55% of students who are actually turning in their work.” 

 Zoom classes aren’t as efficient as in person meetings. Many students may not be joining meetings for several reasons which may include the fact that they are not mandatory and that students may not find the sessions useful. Also students are keeping late hours and sleeping in, rather than attending zoom meetings. 

Ms. Andrea Page said that she is using YouTube and Google Slides to teach her Spanish classes. Ms. Nancy Zubiri used Flipgrid to have students make a video in her AP English Language and Composition class.

Many students are still turning in work, but obviously this pandemic is affecting students’ lives financially and emotional. Teachers are aware and are understanding when it comes to online schooling. Many teachers are allowing students to turn in late work without taking late points off.