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Dominic Fanaris is going to the University of California, Santa Cruz and majoring in computer science: computer game design.

Dominic Fanaris, Layout Editor

My name is Dominic Fanaris and I was born February 17, 2002, in Los Angeles, California. I currently attend Venice High School as a senior in the STEMM magnet, and am also a writer for the Opinion Department of the Venice Oarsman. I live comfortably near Venice Beach, which is a short distance from the school, allowing me to ride my bike here every day. Creative writing is a great hobby of mine, as I love to give my opinion on subjects, especially those that are important to myself and others. I am looking to grow my political knowledge and writing prowess through being a part of great communities like the Venice Oarsman, which allow me to hone my current skills and learn new ways to adapt to life experiences and decisions. I always strive to work harder and better appreciate the environment I grew up with and currently live in.

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