How Seniors Feel about Possible Online College Classes in Fall


Hiromi Maeda

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As graduated seniors begin to get ready for college life, some are devastated to learn that their fall semester classes will have to be taken online. On May 12,  Cal State University Chancellor Timothy White announced that most classes at its 23 campuses will remain closed for the fall semester due to the recent pandemic. As for the Universities of  California, they too do not expect to fully reopen their 10 campuses; most CSU and UC college campuses will be having their classes remain online with a few exceptions to certain in-person activities.

“Although I’m irritated that classes will be online for the fall semester, I understand why this needs to be done”said senior Lorraine Perez who will be attending University of Southern California. “I’m just trying to have a good first fall semester since the end of senior year was a bust.” 

Since the class of 2020 didn’t receive a proper prom, grad night, or graduation, they’re especially hurt that they won’t be able start off college properly. 

“I’m upset that college courses will have to be taken online, especially since so much has been happening. Plus, I already paid for housing” said senior Bryanna Butler, who will be attending University of California, Riverside in the fall. “I didn’t know classes were going to be online when I deposited my money, but I’m supposed to get a refund soon. I’m hoping that these online classes won’t happen throughout the whole fall semester, I’m really trying to have the whole college experience and maybe study abroad ”

 Since most of the college campuses didn’t announce their online classes until after orientation and housing payments, many  students had to place a downpayment. Now they have to wait for their refunds like Butler. 

As for students who are going to colleges out of state, some campuses haven’t made official their decisions as to if they are going to continue to have regular in class sessions or online classes. 

“I’m still supposed to move into my dorm in August, but I feel bad for my friends that are going to CSU or UCs because I know that most of the campuses are going to be closed and doing online classes due to the virus,” said Dylan Kim, who will be attending the University of Portland.  “I’m excited for my fall semester to start. I know it probably won’t be exactly how I imagined but I’m hoping that I can have somewhat of a real experience.”  

Like Kim, some are lucky enough to begin their fall classes as expected but others aren’t so lucky. As much as this pandemic has impacted the class of 2020, the seniors are still trying to have a positive outlook on their fall semester and enjoy the rest of their college experience .