Seniors stress over college acceptances

Harry Phillips, Editor-in-Chief

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is the time of year when seniors are an emotional rollercoaster as they find out about college decisions. Some seniors stress out about it a little too much.

Seniors should realize that they are probably not going to get into every college they have applied to. Once seniors admit this, it will lessen the blow. Personally I have not gotten any rejections yet and I have been accepted to three of the seven colleges I applied to, but I know that I will probably get at least one rejection before I decide where I am going for college.

Last year, I luckily didn’t see any of my senior friends go crazy, but I know that some people may go nuts if they get rejected. Just take a deep breath, let out your emotions in a safe manner and move on. If you do not get accepted, it is not the end of the world.

Some colleges; however, are cruel to say the least. Once you apply, they start sending you emails about how you should apply for their scholarships. I find this technique evil because when I got an email like this from UC Berkeley, I felt great. However, I took myself off this high horse realizing that if I did apply, this would only end up making me feel bad if I got rejected. I got off my high horse by looking at the acceptance rate and remembering that I am only one person who applied out of 200,000.

Another cruel trick that colleges employ is the same-size-fits-all envelope. I have heard that some colleges send the same-size envelopes that hold the acceptances and rejections. I find this mean because if you get a thin letter, you may be preparing yourself for the worse, but it’s actually good news

The moral of the story is that don’t assume anything until you open the letter or email and read it. Try to enjoy your senior year.