Janitors Not Recycling

Kimberly Velasquez, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We only have a few janitors working at school to help keep it clean, but they aren’t recycling. A variety of students and staff members are thankful that janitors are doing their best to keep the school clean, but I believe that we should also make an effort to save the environment.

At times I’ve witnessed a janitor throw bottles left in my class for recycling in the trash. A few of my teachers have witnessed this too. One teacher has wondered why janitors are throwing out bottles that teachers save to be recycled.

I believe that something should be done about this dilemma. Recycling is very important to help save the earth and it would turn our school into a very eco-friendly place.

Knowing that other schools have bins for paper and plastic in addition to trash bins, I believe we should have our own recycling bins all around the school where they are easily accessible to teachers, students and other staff members. It shouldn’t take so much time to find the nearest trashcan to avoid littering around the school, as well as badly representing our school to visitors and schools when they come to visit.

Recycling is a help to our community and having recycling bins could really help the school stay clean and be seen in a better way.

There used to be a recycling club at Venice where bottles would be collected in white dumpsters and blue bins free from the city, but it was canceled due to a lack of communication with the janitors.

History teacher Mrs. Reina Roberts was the sponsor of the recycling club and says that she asked the “janitors to help but didn’t get an answer.”

“If we do bring the recycling club back, I am hoping that our new principal will take more action on that,” said Mrs. Roberts. “This will help save the school money, but without the administration there’s not much we can do.”

Mrs. Roberts also believes that if the club were be reactivated, she would cooperate with more clubs, such as Heal the Bay, and it would be more of an environmental club.

Plant manager Mario Castro was asked what the janitors are supposed to do with the recycled bottles that are collected in class and why they aren’t being recycled.
“Special education students would pick up the recycled bottles, but they don’t do it anymore,” said Mr. Castro. “The bottles that are recycled into the blue bins in class are going to the trash.”

The janitors’ job is to collect the trash in classes and recycle the papers that are thrown away in class. Mr. Castro also says that there are no plans being made to start recycling.

I believe we should bring the recycling club back because there isn’t much recycling going on around the school.

Teachers are making an effort to recycle bottles. The journalism class in Room 11 recycles bottles for fundraising. However students at our school still have not found recycling to be important.

Students aren’t focusing on the idea that pollution and trash in our world is getting worse and ruining the environment.