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Two Weeks–Two Months–One Year

A year ago, none of us could have ever imagined what 2020 would have felt like. As students, teachers, and faculty sat in their homes during what was only supposed to be a two-week “break” in mid-March, the true scope of the devastation COVID-19 would cause in our nation was unfathomable.

Welcome to The Oarsman’s COVID-19 Anniversary collection. Every day this week, students will share their reflections of growth and pain throughout this past year. You’ll read an oral history from the viewpoints of Venice community members, first-person accounts on how COVID-19 affected students and their families, as well as poetry and satire. This collection will illustrate COVID-19’s true community impact.

This collection chronicles a piece of Venice—and world—history from the perspective of Venice High student journalists.

On our website, you will be able to look back at The Oarsman’s last print edition from March 12.

In our newsletter, you will have access to our students’ chronicle of 2020 in The Best of 2020-21 – a reel of Oarsman story highlights. 

We want to hear from you. 

How your week has been a year into the pandemic. How have you grown? 

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  • The Oarsman’s Executive Editors 

Kymia Freeman and Julia Escobar