Senior dinner 2k15

Simran Ali, Editor-in-chief

Seniors enjoyed the senior dinner on April 16th in the student cafeteria from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. They were treated to a live DJ, a prom fashion show and a catered dinner.

“Parents donated for the decorations, and many juniors helped out with the arrangements and dinner,” said Mr. Cristobal Vicente, senior class sponsor. The Senior Dinner was organized by Assistant Principal Rene Maza, Mr. Vicente, French teacher Pavlin Lange and math teacher Mike Smith.

“It was fun seeing kids having fun,” said Mr. Lange. “It was definitely a success as students danced ‘til the end.”

The event started with a fashion show organized by the Fashion Club president Karina Manriquez. Mr. Lange and Mr. Vicente helped getting the tuxedos for the boys. The tuxes were donated by Friar Tux. The girls wore dresses that were either donated or borrowed.

The students who modeled in the fashion show were Enrique Munoz, Miguel Romero, Thomas Lambert, Hector Cervantes, Dejon, Julio Lopez, Karina Manriquez, Wendy Ruiz, Kirsten Ortega, Damaris Aguilar, Estella Ramirez, Alejandra Reyes, Karla Henriquez, Arely Velasco, Betzy Escobar, and Melissa Reynoso.

Students who participated in the fashion show said that they had an amazing experience doing something different.

“Fashion shows are held to help students with dressing up for prom,” said president Manriquez. “The show allowed us to bond with everyone and get to know each other well.”

Senior Damaris Aguilar said that being in the fashion show was nerve-racking for her, but she got to make many new friends.

After the show, the dinner was served which included baked chicken, braised beef, vegetarian quinoa chili, appetizers, salad and dessert.
Other students that attended the dinner gave positive feedback.

“I feel like the dinner was a success!” said senior Dorian Le Tellier. “The food and decoration was well set, and the fashion show was very original.”

“The senior dinner was a fun experience, filled with laughter, dancing, and a great fashion show as entertainment,” said senior Nora Benavente.