VHS Alum to Lead Renovation of UCLA Boat Ramp


Julian Lopez-Albany

Current UCLA’ boat ramp that will be reconstructed by Venice High Alum Gabriel Fernandez.

Carter Nowak, Reporter

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Contractor Gabriel Hernandez ’03 has been asked to remodel the UCLA boat ramp. The ramp is used for most of UCLA’s water-based sports, including, but not limited to, the rowing and sailing team. 

Construction is expected to begin in early August and end in late 2022.

The boat ramp is noticeable to anyone in the Marina Del Rey area or frequenters of the Ballona Creek bike path. 

Although it is currently functional, most locals agree the concrete ramp isn’t the best to look at. 

The concrete is easy to slip on and is an issue most fishers in the area face. Although fishing is not the reason for the renovation, it is certainly a benefit. 

“I know I’m not supposed to fish there, but it’ll be nice to not have to worry about falling in,” said Tyler Capata, a former Venice High and current Culver City High student. 

According to Hernandez and his team, the new ramp is to be constructed out of a new material mostly made of palm tree fibers. The fibers will work to prevent moss from forming, while also staying soft to prevent boat damage. 

Some Marina residents agree that a new ramp will be great. 

“It doesn’t look terrible now, but it doesn’t look great,” according to senior Anthony Gilberti, a Marina resident. “I’ve seen what they’re thinking about doing and it looks pretty cool.” 

Along with the new ramp, the construction will include a small building to store additional paddleboards and kayaks. The building will go on the far Southeast of the UCLA Marina lot.