Meditation Allowed Me To Heal: Here Is Why You Should Give It A Try

Meditation Allowed Me To Heal: Here Is Why You Should Give It A Try

Andrea Ramirez, Reporter

With school and the pandemic comes stress, and an easy way to ease your mind is with meditation. 

Meditation is beneficial in many ways and is a practice of mindfulness. When stressed about your day, this mindfulness allows you to come back to what’s happening at the moment. It trains your brain to stop focusing on future stresses and past trauma.  

Before Meditation, I was very overwhelmed with a lot of things. One day I was scrolling through Netflix and I saw a show called “Headspace: Guide To Meditation” and decided to watch it. After watching a few episodes I found myself in such a good mood and way more relaxed than I was before. “Headspace: Guide To Meditation” teaches you how to meditate, how to let go, deal with stress, pain, anger, and to achieve your limitless potential. It goes through meditation exercises with you. I felt very relieved and I wasn’t really worried about anything, I was ready to take on the things I was once stressed about. 

A lot of teens complain about the stress they get from school, daily life and other stressors, but aren’t willing to make active changes within themselves. 

Things aren’t going to get easy on their own, so why not learn how to keep the stress and anxiety under control for now and the future? You may be causing so much stress on yourself by worrying about all your demands and that can be gone in as little as five minutes of meditation. Meditation also has health benefits like lowering blood pressure, helping with pain control, reducing stress, anxiety, and calming your body. 

During meditation, brain scans see the increased activity in regions directly correlated with decreased depression and anxiety along with increased pain tolerance. When meditating, your mind is at rest, your memory tends to improve, as does your self-awareness. It’ll be beneficial to students by improving their attention span, sleep habitats, reducing anxiety, helping to regulate emotions, and lowering the chance of substance abuse. People that meditate are more likely to spread positivity, love, and happiness when you’re having a bad day and need to take a few things off your mind.

 You can incorporate meditation into your life to have a better mindset and positive energy. Some people aren’t willing to try meditation because they think it’s “weird” and don’t have the time to, but you can make time for something that will better you. You should give things a try before judging and saying it’s not effective. Even if you aren’t willing to do this all the time, this can be something you do once a week, month, or year. This may be something that you will use throughout your lifetime. Take five minutes out of your day and give it a try. 

You never know—it might end up benefiting you.