Senior Ditch Day was planned poorly

Harry Phillips, Editor-in-Chief

On April 20, a few Venice seniors ditched school to participate in the long tradition of Senior Ditch Day. Most seniors however, went to school that day. The fact of the matter is that the date was chosen poorly to say the least.

The date was too close to AP exams. A lot of seniors take AP classes and they need every minute of class time that they can get, especially if their teachers are overworking them.

If this activity was planned strategically, it should be the day after prom or the day of Grad Night. The Monday after prom would be better because everyone can have a long rest. This is even better because after prom all of the AP tests are done and seniors can take a small breath to relax.

June 2, the day Grad Night is being held, is also a better solution. If the activity was hosted the day of Grad Night, then seniors who are going to Grad Night get the day off until they have to meet up at school to board the bus to Disneyland. That way the students participating in Grad Night could sleep in or take a nap.

However, Senior Ditch Day is pointless because it only hurts the school in the end. If students go to class, the school gets money and Venice needs all the funds it can get.

If you participated in this event, you can’t rewind the clock, but remember you ended up costing the school money. Next time you’re thinking about skipping a day of school just remember you’re hurting yourself and your school in the end.