Opinion: Brandy Melville Must Be Cancelled


Natalia Perez-Morales, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Brandy Melville, a brand that markets and influences contemporary and relevant fashion trends for teenage girls, is the epitome of diversity intolerance in size, shape, and skin color. The company’s “one size” policy is oppressive and restricts women who do not fit within their limited size range. By establishing this “one size” policy, the company is setting an evaluative and highly subjective standard that a woman should have a specific body type: skinny and tall. This brand only serves and satisfies skinny, tall white girls. 

Supporting Brandy Melville is equivalent to supporting body shaming, contributing to the toxic expectations society upholds about girls’ bodies, and discrimination against people of color. 

The company has the authority to incorporate inclusive size ranges, which could potentially improve their profit. Instead, the brand has decided to only consider slim body types, which only encourage girls to be dissatisfied with their physical appearance. 

This destructive mentality affects girls that do not meet these standards and results in extreme measures in efforts of being able to fit into Brandy Melville’s clothing. Some try to lose an excessive amount of weight by starving themselves or other methods in order to fit into Brandy Melville’s “trendy” clothes.  

I have yet to meet an adolescent female who does not own an item from Brandy Melville, whether it be an accessory or a clothing piece. The popular items consist of patterns composed of diamonds on knitted garments (argyle design), basic solid color tank tops, loose-fitting jeans, sweater vests, solid color sweatpants, graphic tees and sweats. Accessories include jewelry, bags and backpacks, belts, hair adornment, socks, hats and caps.  

The larger sizes that Brandy Melville offers are unjustifiably labeled as “oversized.” In addition to their absurd sizes, they only use white models and hire mostly white employees to promote their brand, thereby implying to customers that only white girls are welcome to wear their clothing. The company is intentionally making space for white superiority. 

Their discriminatory hiring requirements shape the way teenage girls are evaluated when applying for a job with this company. For the most part, you must match the aesthetic of Brandy Melville to become an employee there. 

Many of the girls who support Brandy Melville are blinded by the fact that this brand is toxic, while those aware of the issue choose to disregard their policies due to the popularity this fashion brand has gained for their attractive and stylish designs.  

Regardless of how relevant and stylish this clothing brand is, it is not justifiable to continue to support Brandy Melville because their brutal messages about women are only contributing to the dysfunctional society. 

Standardized beauty ideals are already an existing issue, which is exacerbated by brands such as Brandy Melville that results in low self-esteem for females who are not skinny, and shamefulness for women of color. Brandy Melville must be cancelled. 

Overall, fashion is an artistic way in which we can express ourselves, therefore, it should be accessible to all people. 

Instead of supporting this racist and body-shaming brand, consider supporting your local small businesses, Black-owned brands, sweatshop-free brands, sustainable clothing brands, and secondhand clothing. Examples of alternative brands, companies, and businesses range from fashion, to bookstores, restaurants and cultural institutions.