Opinion: School And Work Are Important—But So Is Your Wellness

Z Ramirez, Reporter

Balance is important for all humans, especially young adults who are working hard and preparing for the coming years of adult life. Negative thoughts are a part of the growth process, but too much unhandled stress is enough to tip over the balance.

High school life, above all, can be challenging for many—whether it is having goals of finding jobs and going to university or just surviving after graduation. 

As we recognize Mental Health Awareness Week, many find themselves in a troubled state that takes over their mind like a shadow, causing them to overthink and stress out. Personally, I am always very stressed with schoolwork and maintaining my straight A’s. If I get a grade close to an 89% I panic because then I’ll have to face my disappointed mother. 

It’s normal to feel stressed. What’s important is to not give into those negative feelings. Find something to clear your mind from all the pressure that is pinning you down.

Martial arts and working is my escape when I am stressed. I throw a couple of kicks and work on my jabs. Then I’ll move onto uppercuts on the punching bag. 

Moving around when I feel really down or stuck helps me train my body to keep going not only physically but mentally. I am saying, “I can’t stop now—I already started. I need to finish.” 

People are different—some like to deal with things on their own and others like to hang out with their friends to get whatever negativity is off their mind. It’s also great to get some sun and get a little tan you know? It doesn’t have to be with people—it can just be a tranquil time with yourself and you can listen to music. 

Both are great ways to help your mental and spiritual health. I like both too, but I mostly like to do things on my own and find peace when I walk to the beach to listen to the ocean’s waves. It’s like listening to a heartbeat or feeling the sensation of steady breathing while doing yoga. 

School and work are important, as it is a part of life. But so are you. Make time to do things you love and really want to do. Treating oneself also helps with stress and anything that blocks the mind. 

Everyone needs a daily dose of serotonin. There’s a bunch of ways to find the balance that motivates and makes you wiser when controlling your stress.  

Drawing, sports, watching anime or your favorite TV shows are great options. Maybe learn how to do a flip! Or eat some food that brings a warm and positive sensation that can boost your spirits.

For me, mint chocolate chip ice cream and a cold drink sounds nice after a long day of martial arts training. 

All the stress and life problems that clash against feelings of positivity and tranquility can calm down just after a few minutes of sweating it off and getting some sun.