Opinion: New Year, New Problems

T Lopez, Opinion Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

After nearly two years of isolation, we’re finally back in school. We’re finally back with friends and finally back with people. 

We’re back to the inviting environment of unfinished construction and old buildings, or—if you’re an incoming Gondolier—welcome to the inviting environment of unfinished construction and old buildings.

The school year started off with Daily Pass not working on the first day, WiFi crashing for a week, class changes, and lockers still not being assigned to students. An expected disaster, but nonetheless an annoying one.

Thankfully we got our WiFi back, and the adjustment to this new COVID environment was actually kind of smooth. Of course every smooth sail has its catch. That catch comes in the form of people’s way of following mask protocols.

We’ve been in this pandemic for almost two years and people still can’t seem to accept COVID-19 regulations. The amount of times my teachers have had to remind people to put their mask up in class is ridiculous. 

We’re currently a mix of unvaccinated and vaccinated students. The last thing we need is more students getting infected because people can’t keep a piece of fabric over their nose. I understand if we’re outside for nutrition and lunch or if permission was given, but when you’re in a space where masks are required, just keep the mask on.    

Weekly testing is another lovely thing COVID has brought us. At first it was super uncomfortable, but weirdly enough, it just feels normal now. It lets us get some time off of class and the people giving them to us are always super welcoming. Who would’ve thought that a stick going up our noses would be a normal thing? 

As of now, we’re not allowed to be in buildings during nutrition and lunch. As someone scared to catch COVID-19, I understand the decision. But now my friends and I barely have a place to sit. There’s a lot of students at school with limited space, and it gets worse when clubs have to find a spot. It feels like being a freshman again fighting for a good spot just to eat.

Despite the mix of inevitable chaos from a new school year and COVID-19 regulations, I’d say things are going okay as of now. COVID-19 rules are being enforced, sports are good to go, and classes seem to be going well. 

Although it’s only the first few weeks of school—so knock on wood everyone.