Opinion: Inadequate Parking Facilities Create Unneeded Stress for Upperclassmen


Eric Lee, Editor-In-Chief

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As someone who drives to school, don’t get me wrong—I am incredibly lucky and grateful to be able to drive. It’s fantastic to have the freedom of mobility and the independence that comes with driving a car.

Historically, high school students have eagerly awaited their 16th birthday and the rite of passage that was earning a driver’s license, and have taken advantage of the benefits that come with it. 

Today, however, is a different story. Those of us who drive to school, at least here at Venice, are a minority. This still doesn’t excuse the fact that there is nowhere for students to park on campus and no street parking within blocks of the school. 

The lack of adequate parking facilities at Venice is an obstacle that neither students nor staff should have to deal with. And the school and district need to acknowledge this.

The current situation is quite an inconvenience, especially paired with L.A. traffic and late nights. It leaves students who stay late vulnerable to theft, assault, and the possibility of being victims of other crimes as they walk blocks to their car, often in the dark. I often leave campus after 6:00 PM, and as longer daylight hours come to an end, it’s something I’m beginning to think about. Venice isn’t necessarily dangerous, but street crime isn’t nonexistent.

It wasn’t always like this. Up until major construction began in 2018, there was adequate student parking provided in the back of the school, adjacent to the swimming pool and the old shop buildings. These spaces have since been occupied by LAUSD construction contractors and teachers.

The current teacher lot itself is noticeably cramped. There is a very limited number of spaces available, and there is an unusually large proportion of spaces designated for compact cars, and there’s no real way around this; the compact spaces are tiny, too tight a fit for some sedans and any crossovers or SUVs, and the regular spaces are a tight fit anyways. 

As such, many Venice faculty can be seen double parking in places where no spaces exist. It’s understandable why this lot is off-limits to students. Teachers and staff have priority, as they should. They work tirelessly for each and every one of their students, and deserve a guaranteed place to park.

But so do students. We shouldn’t be forced to park blocks away, where the security of our property and our personal safety is not ensured. School is stressful enough as is without running four blocks to make it to campus on time before the bell rings. 

In the past, this was not an issue. There was evidently a flaw in the construction planning process, and it should be rectified. 

When construction ends, the rear lot should be returned for student and staff use. It is large enough to accommodate those of us students and teachers who are in need of space to park, and will reduce the strain on the overcrowded lot that is currently in use.