Venice High School To Play Against Kennedy In Playoff’s


Isaac Ng, Sports Editor

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The 2021 CIF LA City Section playoffs have arrived as boys’ football, 4-3, will host the 8-2 Kennedy Cougars in the first round today. The game will be at 4:00 P.M. on the Venice home field. 

The two teams haven’t met since the 2001 semi-finals, according to Coach Angelo Gasca so the Gondoliers have relied on watching tons of film of the Cougars’ recent play. 

“They’re a good team,” Gasca said. “We will have to keep up with our positives from last game and improve on the not so good.” 

Gasca still expects his team to play very well.

“We’ve had good preparation and there aren’t any more COVID-19 issues,” Gasca said. 

Based on the film, Senior Thomas Kensinger, a captain, thinks Kennedy has a strong defensive line. 

“It’ll be tough to run the ball against their defense,” Kensinger said. “Our offensive linemen will practice running our offense against our strongest defensive linemen to prepare.” 

Kensinger also notes the team will be practicing running pass plays and putting a few trick plays on the line to counter the Cougars’ defense. 

If the Gondoliers beat Kennedy, they will advance to the Semi-Finals.