Work Experience Prepares Students For Employment Opportunities


Francesca Sanchez, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As students approach the end of their high school careers, certain expectations are starting to unfold to prepare them for the challenges ahead in their future. Work experience becomes more useful as students become more independent and accountable.

Many students have the opportunity to enroll in the Work Experience course here at Venice. Mostly seniors, they get experience not only working, but also truly get a taste of how it feels to be an adult and juggle financial and professional responsibilities.

“It gives me a sense of independence,” said senior Angel Manzilla, who works at Shakey’s, a pizza chain. There, he works in the arcade section, collecting tickets and giving out prizes.

Manzilla works on weekends so he can focus on school during the week.

“Make sure you keep up with your school work, because it is easy to fall behind and slack on your classes,” said Manzilla.

Math teacher Robin Hunt, the work experience coordinator, said the class gives students a chance to gain independence. 

“This class is once a week, zero period, a course that requires attendance and mandatory work related to all job aspects,” said Hunt. 

“The course aims to create growth and advancement work opportunities for the student. The program also aims to clarify what an employer can and can’t do, legally, the workers rights if these are possibly violated, and what an employer’s expectations are of the student,” he said.

Work Experience is designed to allow students more of an opportunity to work and understand the job market better, as they gain experience. 

“Many students are getting the wrong impression of the class,” Hunt said. “The course isn’t designed to just allow students to “drop” their 6th period. It is a course with a state prescribed curriculum that allows for the student to become a more knowledgeable worker.