Girls Tennis Loses Semi-Finals Against Marshall


Giselle Peryanez, Reporter

On a particularly scorching day, girls’ tennis, 6-3, lost to 13-0 Marshall High School, 5-2 in the CIF City Semi-Finals on October 28, 2021. 

Senior Kaya Worozbit, a captain, and junior Nasha Lin won their singles matches. 

Although the weather was overwhelming and her match lasted three hours, Worozbit continued to remain upbeat.  

“I had a lot going through my head when we went up against Marshall,” she said. “I was prepared to go against them. On the court, I tried to keep a positive attitude. It was hard considering that it was super hot.” 

Although the team did not get a chance to play last year, it continued to train hard and give it their all.

“We had such a great season and I’m sad that it’s over,” Worozbit said. “I’m really proud of the team.”

The Gondos continued to have such a great bond with one another, building their team sportsmanship and getting to truly know one another. 

“I wish the team the best of luck next year,” Worozbit said. “I hope to come to some of their games.”