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Why Beyoncé ’s New Country Album Was ‘Not It’

Reading Time: 2 minutes

 I love Beyoncé—and we all do. But sadly, Cowboy Carter was not it. 

There were only about two outstanding, beautiful, works of art songs out of the 27 songs—which means that the other 25 songs to me were dog water.  

I know that a lot of people were listening to this album and probably tricking themselves into thinking that it was a “life alternating” album, due to it simply being Beyoncé ’s album, when in reality it was more on the “I never want to listen to this again” album.

In my opinion, she could’ve done way better on this album or could’ve done without it. 

The reason I say she could’ve done without it is because a country album is the most irrelevant and unnecessary thing that she could’ve released.  Country music is one of the most hated music genres in the country, so why make a country album, when for decades hip-hop has been the genre you’ve dominated. Why change that?

As I said before: I do love Beyoncé, and I was saying the same thing that everyone else was! “This album is going to be great!” It was a letdown. Especially from her last album Renaissance. Renaissance is like if the 70s and 90s had a baby, and that baby wanted to make everyone dance with joy. 

Now, I won’t sit here and give this album the worst rap of all time, so I’ll lighten up a little and give it some credit, because it wasn’t the worst thing ever. The meaning behind some of the songs are sweet and make you feel the feeling of love and warmth.

In “II Most Wanted,” she is singing about a strong ride-or-die friendship, which I’m sure everyone can relate to. The song “Daughter” is a strong, and beautiful song as well. Written for her daughter, Rumi Carter, Beyoncé shows off her opera singing abilities, and how much she truly loves her daughter. The lyrics, translated from Italian opera, it translates to “My darling dear/ at least believe me / without you / my heart languishes.” Adorable, if you ask me.

The subtle guitar, which got quieter because the song was focusing on her voice and the lyrics was perfection. Her melty voice falls off the bone like some good Texas ribs. 

I like “Ya Ya,” which in my opinion is probably the best song on the album, for many reasons. For one, she sampled one of my favorite girl boss songs, “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’” by Nancy Sinatra. Then, on top of that her voice was so amazing that it was stupefying.

The music and the sound of the songs themselves were like as if someone were trying to play the guitar and drums by themselves, simple. Also, some of the people she collaborated with were questionable. I mean Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus do not mix with Beyoncé and her strong, groundbreaking voice. Their voices kind of got overpowered by Beyoncé ’s. Also, I think we can all agree that “Texas Hold Em’” was a headache-inducing song; beginning to end. 

My final thoughts on this album are that I could go the rest of my life without listening to a single song from this album, and not miss a thing. Although, I enjoyed those two songs a lot. It almost made me change my rating, but it’s the fact that only two songs out of the 27 songs were worthy of my love.

For that reason, I rate this album a 3 / 5 oars.

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