California State University Application Deadline Pushed Back


Bella Thi, Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

California State University has extended its application deadlines for all campuses until next Wednesday.

The original deadline was last Wednesday. 

A major factor in the decision to extend the deadline was the California State University admission website’s servers constantly crashing, putting stress on students trying to finish their applications on time.

UC school applications were due last Wednesday. Other colleges, like community colleges, have had no such issues due to longer deadlines.

Due COVID-19, the extension was somewhat expected. Last year, many colleges and universities decided to grant more leeway for applications, allowing students more time to complete and submit their information. All things considered, it wasn’t much of a surprise when the deadlines were extended. 

“Kids are perfectionists,” said college counselor Heather Brown. “They are constantly looking over their applications, trying to make it perfect. So when the websites crashed, it gave students a chance to finally finish and send them off.”