The Reading Experience

Jacqueline Payan, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When I read, I become part of the book and its adventure. I let the story I am reading take me away into its world. It is an amazing feeling to escape from the real world for a bit. I can imagine myself dealing with the characters’ problems and understanding their thoughts.

Reading can sometimes even be an emotional experience. Books can make you cry, laugh and even get mad! I enjoy being moved by what I read.

Being totally involved in a good story or mystery not only makes my free time interesting, it also helps me to forget the stress of my life, like having to study all the time. Reading outside of class for fun is always something to look forward to.

Reading is an important part of life. If it were not for reading, most of us would be clueless on most things. Books can help us find solutions to our personal problems.

It is so important to have good reading skills since daily life involves reading. From advertisments to texts to homework to instruction manuals and contracts, we must read.

Reading also expands our vocabulary, helping to express ideas and feelings more clearly. So by reading more, we communicate better. This is why English teachers are always making students read, so essays are easier to write.

Reading, especially books, helps our brain have a work out. While we read, the brains retain information, kind of like a memory muscle.

In addition, reading helps our attention span. Reading trains us focus on one thing instead of skipping from activity to activity, like we do with our phones.

Reading can provide all sorts of benefits. Everyone should take time out of the day to sit down and read something meaningful.

Books are a wonderful experience and I think everyone should pick up a book. It is a beautiful thing to read. It is very likely once you start reading and get interested, you won’t want to stop!