Apple From the Perspective of an Android User


Samuel Laxamana, Reporter

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I am currently typing this up on a Macbook Air—how ironic.
This year, Apple finally released a new iPhone, the iPhone 13, that is actually affordable to the masses. It’s comparable in price to Samsung’s S21.   

I am particularly surprised that for once in Apple’s history, iPhones are not that expensive, which is something to be appreciated. Apple is often viewed as a luxury item, coming from an Android family that has nothing Apple other than a 2007 iMac, which we never use. 

The newest Macbook Pro rivals a laptop with a 3080 GPU and an I9-11th gen processor, and for a few hundred dollars cheaper. 

If you really want to flex your amazing new $2000 Macbook Pro, go ahead! But if you are only going to browse the web and not play games or run more complex programs, you are setting your money on fire. 

Another hilarious thing Apple has done is announce a stand for its 2019 Pro Display XDR, sold separately for $999. Few among the crowd were happy about this, and Apple CEO Tim Cook didn’t stay on that topic for too long during the 2019 Apple September event.

Returning to the topic of iPhones, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max is very on par compared to the S21 Ultra and Google Pixel 6 Pro, but overall, the iPhone 13 Pro has the highest quality nighttime and low-light photos. But is it really worth it to spend so much cash on an iPhone? Sure, sometimes the prices are not worth it, but it has that luxury feel to it… at least until you see 20 of your friends with the exact same phone!

A major problem is the iPhone vs Android debate, and it is mainly based on software.
iPhones currently use IOS 15, while Samsung’s, OnePlus and Google Pixel’s currently use Android 12. Everyone gets used to certain operating software on their phone, and I have seen how vastly different the iOS is compared to  Android OS, and I often wish that Android had many iOS features as well. The widgets seem very helpful, and the degree to which you can customize the phone’s layout is amazing. I also like how the edges of apps and widgets are curved to make them look more smooth. 

The amount of features that are user-friendly on an iPhone is amazing. Overall, I love the features on iPhones, but mainly because I have never had one before, and it is vastly different compared to an Android. 

Another thing about Androids I have noticed is that most Android users don’t upgrade their phones every year or two to the newest model. My mom had the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for five years before she upgraded to the S21 Ultra. But with iPhone users, often upgrade to the newest thing despite the fact that your phone can still be used for many years. 

I am going to presume the reason why most iPhone users do this nowadays is that many phone providers offer upgrades to the newest model with trade-ins and lower prices.

Final thing—AirPods. These tiny little earbuds have had such a major impact on the headphone market, mainly because of the convenience of wireless earbuds and how they are so tiny. When the AirPods came out, many companies jumped on the bandwagon, introducing other overpriced wireless earbuds. Apple’s Airpods changed how millions of people listen to music or videos. Compared to wireless, the wired EarPods get tangled to a doorknob or you can trip yourself on it. Airpods signaled a change in the market and started the popularity of wireless earbuds.
Long story short, Apple is a good company, but with questionable choices in pricing, making it feel like the Gucci of the smartphone industry. I hope to see the prices fall, especially on really obscure items like the Computer Stand. Don’t buy a jacked-up new $2,000 MacBook unless you have an actual use for that type of horsepower or some cash to burn. 

It is more of a personal choice on whether you should get an Android or an iPhone. The debates about iPhones and Androids have been ongoing since the beginning of smartphones, but it mainly comes down to personal preference, and if I had the choice to switch to iPhone, I actually might!