COVID-19: When Will It End?

Julissa Alvarado, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As we return to school, many students are testing positive for COVID-19. Especially in January, cases in Los Angeles were out of control. 

I thought schools were going to shut down, but I guess not. I’m hearing a lot of people have different opinions regarding the possibility of school closures; some say they should close while others say we’re fine to continue in-person learning.

It feels pretty weird that there are not as many students as before, and that the halls are not that crowded. It used to be loud; we would bump into each other trying to get to class, and we had to watch where we were going because if not we would crash into someone. In class, there are many students missing, either because they have tested positive, or due to other circumstances, they might be facing.

 The way I’m feeling right now is that the school is not as full, which is better, because there is less opportunity for disease transmission. However, I’m concerned because many students might be going through tough times suffering from COVID-19. 

 Many teachers have also been absent due to COVID-19. Two of my teachers have been out, and it is disappointing because we haven’t been learning much and are falling behind. It is also especially difficult for the substitute teachers because sometimes teachers don’t have time or aren’t feeling well enough to make a lesson plan. 

  After LAUSD postponed the student vaccine mandate, many students that were supposed to be fully vaccinated by the start of the new semester are currently not vaccinated. It makes it hard for schools because then students stay behind.

  I think the vaccine mandate would have had upsides and downsides. Many don’t want to get vaccinated but want to come to school. And others are vaccinated but don’t want to come. Originally, by 2022 everyone that could get vaccinated had to be vaccinated in order to return. 

Many have different opinions regarding all of these changes. I’m frustrated and disappointed. I just wish it would end so we can all have a normal life without having to focus on this.