Venice High Celebrates Black History Month


Samuel Laxamana, Reporter

In Celebration of Black History Month, Black Student Union is hosting multiple events throughout the month at Venice High.
Last Thursday, BSU hosted BLM Thoughtful Thursday in The Learning Garden, where students journaled and painted.
Ceinna Bush is a BSAP Counselor here at Venice, and was one of two people who volunteered to oversee the event.

“As a Black female, I feel like it’s important to spread awareness about Black Lives Matter,” said Bush. “I want to do it in a fun and engaging way.

“I felt like giving students the opportunity to express themselves, express their emotions, painting, and journaling would be a perfect idea,” she said. Bush hopes that more students are aware of Black Lives Matter.

“I give my time only because I really care about our kids,” she said. “I really care about the movement and just want to make sure that they can be as knowledgeable as possible.

“I want to inspire them to get involved more, whether it be BSU or any other community,” Bush added.

Senior Roemello Stanford was one of many students at the garden.“Black Lives Matter matters to me mainly because it’s Black Lives Matter, Black History, my ancestors,” he said. “They fought for this. So I feel supported and celebrated.”
Junior Connor Lemus was working on an art piece in the Learning Garden.“The reason why BLM matters to me is because I grew up in a predominantly Black neighborhood, and I’ve always seen people get hurt,” said Lemus.
Lemus added, “I’ve seen what has happened, I’ve seen the injustice, I want to support and I want to show them that.”

Lemus created a beautiful picture of a black panther, which represents the Black Panther Party.
BSU is hosting many more events throughout the Black History Month,
Including the Black History Month Door Decorating Contest.

Wednesday, February 9: Black History Trivia with Mrs. Hernandez & Lunch.
Monday, February 14: Love / Dating As A Teen. Black out (Wear all black) & Black Students Matter Virtual Town Hall.
Tuesday, February 15: Natural Hair / Afro Day.

Wednesday, February 16: Black History Month Assembly during Period 2 & HBCU (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) Day.
Thursday, February 17: Battle of the Classes (More details down below)
Friday, February 18: 90’s Day.
Monday, February 22nd: Tune Tuesdays & Lunch in front of the Cafeteria.
Tuesday, February 28th: Fellowship & Black Out (Wear All Black)

Find a link to BSU’s monthly newsletter here.