Venice’s February Events Bring Love to Students and Staff


Amy Carranza and Zoe Woodrick

As February comes to its midway point, a holiday honoring meaningful relationships makes its way to Venice High—Valentine’s Day. 

This year, Venice High is offering numerous opportunities for presents and other events to participate in with your loved ones—including bouquets from the garden, faux wedding ceremonies, and musical telegrams.

Many of the Valentine’s Day gifts will need to be pre-ordered. 



Valentine’s Day this year will be featuring bouquets from the Garden Club. The flowers are sourced from the Los Angeles Flower District.

The flowers will be decorated with newspaper and brown paper, sealed with twine, and delivered during any period the gifter chooses. 

“People can choose arrangements from different colors,” said Senior Patricia Santiago, co-president of the Garden Club. “Each color has a different meaning.” 

The bouquets are also ordered via Google Form and cost between $7 and $12 depending on the size.

Today is the last day to purchase a bouquet.



On Valentine’s Day, ASB Leadership will be doing their annual Marriages during nutrition and lunch in the central campus quad on the outdoor stage. For $5 (cash only), the club will offer a certificate of union and a polaroid picture along with two Ring Pops.

There is no required sign-up. Students will wait in a line with their fiancees and pay up-front. 

“If people want to break tradition and get married to a stuffed animal or something like that, they could do that as well,” said Lee, the ASB adviser. “You know, it’s a fun time.”


Saxy Grams 

Band will be going around the school and delivering Saxy Grams on Valentine’s Day. You can purchase this telegram for $10 now, cash only, in Room 3 during nutrition and lunch or at the table set up by the cafeteria. Today is the last day to get your order form.

Delivery is customized by period and a choice of song is given to you on the order form available at location. There is no online form.

“Your time of delivery cannot be guaranteed because we’re delivering it to different classes,” said band director David Lee. “We also need to make sure that the schedule is covered by the band players as well as a courtesy to teachers’ lesson plans.”


Valentine’s Grams 

The Class of 2022 is bringing students pre-ordered Valentine grams on Monday during second period. They will be accepting gram requests via a Google Form and it will cost $3 on Venmo or cash delivered to Science Teacher Julia Bare in room 246.

The grams will include a teddy bear, Hershey’s Kisses, and a handwritten note with your very own message on it, wrapped in red and white. 

Today is the last day to purchase, but as of now, the grams are sold out. 


Blood Drive

In addition to the Valentine’s Day events, there will be a blood drive later this month.

Wednesday, February 23, ASB will be partnering with Cedars Sinai for their annual blood drive. Students will have to be at least 16 and have a parent consent slip signed and printed before donating. 

Appointments are still available to be booked online between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. in 15-minute time blocks and will take place in the cafeteria. 

Appointments are still available at this time, so book your appointment here.