Surviving Girl Scout Cookie Season: A Guide

Arely Ocampo Bartolo, Managing Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ah yes. Girl Scout Cookie Season is upon us. The sweet smells of cookies filling the air, the hundreds of tables outside of grocery stores filled with boxes upon boxes of cookies, and the best part….an empty wallet because you just spent $25 on five boxes of cookies. 

However, how do you know which cookie is the best one and which to spend your $25 on? 

Well, I have to say, my top three favorite cookies are the classic, award-winning, Thin Mints; Samoas, and Lemon Ups. This is definitely not biased though…

Thin Mints: Arguably The Best Cookie 

Let’s start off strong and talk about the best cookie invented…Thin Mints. 

Thin Mints are the perfect mix of sweet and more sweet. Plus the taste of chocolate and mint makes it a fan-favorite especially among children. 

However, if you’re not a fan of tooth-aches, maybe skip out on buying the whole box and maybe just steal some from your best friend or partner. 

8/10 Gunther Gondoliers

*i have a cute graphic I want to do for this*

Samoas: The Original Controversy

Next up, arguably the most controversial of the trio, Samoas. 

Let me start off by saying that it is DEFINITELY an acquired taste. Especially if you hate the way that coconut tastes. But, if you can look past that, the caramel and chocolate mix is absolutely amazing. 

7/10 Gunther Gondoliers

Lemon Ups: Sour, Sweet, Gone

To say Lemon Ups are the best cookie would be a bit of an understatement. For me, they’re just the right blend of sweet and savory with a hint of tang. I will say though, eating too many may make you sick of the taste of lemonade, so definitely proceed with caution. 

9.5/10 Gunther Gondoliers

Overall I definitely enjoy the God-send that is the Girl Scout Cookie Season. But if I had to pick, Lemon Ups are definitely #1 in my book. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to get Girl Scout cookies at Venice, just walk around the hallways and you’ll definitely see someone eating a box of cookies. From there, it’s all about finding out who’s selling them, and boom, you can see for yourself what the best girl scout cookie actually is!