Cable Is Obsolete And It’s A Good Thing


Bella Thi, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the 1980s, the biggest craze was cable television. It gave people hours of entertainment, hundreds of channels to surf through, and so many things to look forward to. 

Then things changed, and soon there were even more channels available—more things to watch, more news around the clock, more of everything. 

Things changed again, and nowadays everything is on streaming services, from hit movies to the most popular shows. Cable is dying faster than we know, and it’s a good thing. 

Streaming services have provided instant entertainment, endless options, and doors of new worlds that one couldn’t get with simple cable. There are many things cable has, such as live news, sports, and weather warnings—but what other than that? 

A majority of people consume more streaming services than regular cable, from young children to older people. Streaming services are instant, and they provide an unfathomable amount of options; while amazing, should be taken with a grain of salt. 

You’d think with so many options you’d want to watch more things—new shows, classic movies from childhood, the newest release that has critics raving. But more often than not you find yourself rewatching an old sitcom or some movie that your siblings love.

Unlike most cable networks, streaming allows a person to view shows and movies with their phones or tablets; it’s instant entertainment right at your fingertips! With the right television, you’re able to watch IMAX movies right at home. Majority of streaming users prefer their own devices as opposed to televisions, however, but regardless, it’s instant entertainment. 

Streaming and cable have their faults. With cable, the selection is limited and expensive if you get something on pay-per-view, and with streaming you’re more likely to rewatch something rather than explore newer things. If you want to watch a movie on cable, you either have to wait for it to show or download it entirely and watch it once. There’s an 80% chance that the movie or show you want to watch isn’t on certain streaming sites-if it is then it’s on one you don’t have, or it’s expensive to view.

So, what’s the benefit of either? Some people prefer cable, others streaming, and some people neither because they simply don’t consume that type of media. One might be thinking that comparing the two would give unneeded results. However, it’s evolving once more. 

TikTok and YouTube are video content platforms that are rising in mainstream entertainment—starting with the young demographic. 

Both provide quick and free entertainment and information—from the five minute long tutorial videos, to the twenty second long videos of the woman and her cat, Whiskey, who sounds like he’s talking when he meows. These platforms are no different from cable or streaming services; they’re simply quicker and free, unlike others.  

Because the media and the people who consume it are always changing, the way entertainment is consumed also varies. Rewatching shows, while fun, is simply repetitive, and exploring new genres of practically anything is very beneficial for many. 

At the end of the day, cable was the start, and the end is yet to come, since media is ever-present.