Venice finally gets a permanent principal


Martha Velasco

Former Principal Oryla Wiedoeft

Aranza Naguanagua, Opinion Editor

On May 21, it was announced that Oryla Weidoeft will be the official principal of Venice High School.

“I’m so excited to be at Venice High School,” said Ms. Wiedoeft. “I want to help Venice High reach its potential and I look forward to coming in and working every day.”

Ms. Wiedoeft is looking forward to being principal of Venice High school.

“So excited I got this position, being principal of Venice High school is my dream job,” says Ms.Weidoeft.

She was selected after Venice High hosted a town hall meeting for the two candidates applying to be the new permanent principal of Venice High School.

The two candidates were required to create presentations to display what would make them a good fit for Venice High school.

“Having the two candidates make presentations gave us the opportunity to know the two new principals and their plans for the schools future,” said Sports Medicine teacher Kirsten Farrell.

After the presentations, everyone in the meeting got the opportunity to fill out a flyer to vote on who they thought would make a good principal of Venice High.

“I liked voting because I felt that it gave students a chance to have a choice in the matter of who leads them so they’ll be more responsive to the principal,” said senior Ahliyah Reed.

Previously, three other candidates were interviewed at similar town hall, but were not selected.

Many teachers believe that a new principal will bring a positive change for the school.

“I am looking forward to a new start, consistent leadership throughout the school year and the opportunity for the school to continue improving and growing,” also stated Ms. Farrell.