Disney Princesses Need To Make A Comeback

Arely Ocampo Bartolo, Managing Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When was the last time you saw a Disney princess movie? Like an actual love story?

Maybe it was Frozen with Anna and Kristoff or maybe Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel in Tangled, but recently…no, right?

Well, maybe that’s because a new Disney princess movie hasn’t been introduced to the official Disney lineup since 2010 when Tangled debuted in theaters. 

The Disney movies since then have been absolutely amazing, with the debut of Encanto and Moana, which are equally as fantastic and spread an overall great message. But we haven’t seen a princess movie since then that involved dresses and crowns. 

Obviously, we can’t and honestly shouldn’t have movies where the princess’s only goal is to marry a prince, because we’re far beyond that point in the world. 

What I want to see is more like what Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel, and so many more princesses have in their stories. I want to see a strong princess character who doesn’t denounce being girly, while also being a strong fighter who can save a town, a city, the world, or anything.

But, I also want to see the romance aspect, and see her fall in love with someone, not because she feels a need to fill a void, but because she is truly in love. It doesn’t have to be your typical knight in shining armor either. It can be a simple run-of-the-mill person. It also doesn’t mean that the love interest needs to be saving the princess. All I ask is to see them actually care for and about each other and have their best interest at heart. 

Plus, as we’ve all seen before, Disney love songs are some of THE highest rated songs, not only financially, but they also become known as the essential “theme song” for the movie. 

Disney should find their way back to their roots and produce a new princess; one that shows a classic love story but also takes it to another level and highlights personal strength. They souldn’t do this as a way to please the media, but as a way to show little girls that they can be in love while continuing to be strong when they enter a relationship. By wearing a dress and jewels, they’ll be able to defeat the villain all while maintaining princess-style femininity.