Why Women-Only Gyms Are The Way To Go


Arely Ocampo Bartolo, Managing Editor

Lunge. Look behind you. Squat. Is he really still looking? Jump. He’s still staring. 

Drop the weight and find the closest woman in sight. F**k he’s walking towards me. Now I’m talking to a stranger and they’re waiting until the guy walks off because at this very moment I feel unsafe. 

Want to know something sad? This is the routine that hundreds of women follow every single day at the gym. And for what? Because these women want to simply focus on their health and want a place to work out? It seems unfair to me.

Well, seeing this happen so much has brought about a new era for gyms: women-only gyms. Women have created a gym that is operated by women, for women. Yes, gyms where only women are allowed, where they can freely exercise and not have to worry about having to deal with a creepy dude staring at them while they run on a treadmill. 

Women-only gyms have tinted windows to avoid onlookers from staring at women. They are also an overall better environment. Things such as heavyweights are no longer threatening because there are fellow women there also using those machines. They most likely won’t laugh or call you weak for not being able to lift over a certain weight limit, which is something that can’t be said for all gyms. The women won’t have to deal with the so-called “nice guy” that will stand behind you to spot you and only uses that as an excuse to check you out.

Now before people start with the “that’s unfair to men,” it’s really not. A gym is a service that everyone has access to if they are able to afford a membership. However, the constant feeling of danger has become a problem for women, so they found a solution: a gym where they are able to feel safe. 

Women-only gyms provide a safe place for women to feel accepted and safe while working to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle.