Opinion: Go On College Visits Before You Commit


Annette Vaipulu, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The thought of college for me sounds exciting, but at the same, it’s a big step that I’m taking. Even my parents are looking forward to me going into the real world outside of high school. 

In March, colleges send out acceptance letters to the lucky individuals that busted their behinds to make it there. They may have been accepted to a specific college, but it’s important to check out the campus first to see if the environment is right for you.

The first college that I visited was UC Santa Barbara in March. It’s near the beach and many of the students commute around campus by bicycle. But from what I’ve been told, it’s a school known for having a little too much fun and plenty of social gatherings.

Over spring break, I then went to visit UC Irvine to see if the school is right for me. It’s way bigger than Venice, and when I went, there were many incoming freshmen like me touring the campus ahead of decision day May 1.

The students there were welcoming. There were several information booths that talked about housing and food on campus, and we learned more about resources for groups to support fun activities. There were also clubs for you to join and I saw cosplayers wearing Genshin Impact costumes to convince others to join next year.

I recommend going on college visits, especially if you are living on campus, so that you know your surroundings and at least know where your dorm may be. Now becoming an adult, you’re on your own and making your own decisions regarding what your next steps will be.

From looking at these two campuses and the other colleges that accepted me, I think I’m committing to UC Irvine. I’m ready to open the door to new opportunities beyond high school.