Venice Honors Day of Silence and Day of Pink


Zoe Woodrick, News Editor

Day of Silence and Day of Pink were observed the week of April 25 at Venice High to recognize its LGBTQ+ community. 

Students chose to stay silent last Friday to honor those who identify as LGBTQ+ for Day of Silence, and students participating in Day of Pink wore pink to combat gender stereotypes. 

Historically on this campus, we have celebrated Day of Pink and Day of Silence, each to support those who may face challenges and need help in advocacy,” said Spanish teacher Cristobal Vicente, the Gay-Straight Alliance faculty sponsor. “Day of Pink is meant to be a reminder that anyone should be free to express their identity without having to conform to stereotypes—blue is for boys, pink is for girls.”

Many students wore pink to show their support and educate others about issues related to gender, including freshman Allison Cunningham.

“I reminded myself and others how what we’re doing impacts people,” she said.

During lunch at the Earth Day Festival last Friday, students of GSA passed out pins and copies of a zine made in collaboration by members of GSA and advised by art teacher Tyler Fister for a “Break the Silence” event. 

“Day of silence is about visibility,” said GSA Co-President, Senior Chaya Foreman, after she broke her silence, “We wanted something metaphorical to break the silence, some tangible evidence of our collective struggle.”

 “The zine was a way to do this. It also established the GSA as a club that bridged the gap between activism and art, and put our club on a lot of students’ radars,” said Foreman.

The zine features art and poetry, with pieces that highlight the significance of the LQBTQ community and call out the “Don’t Say Gay” bill recently enacted in Florida