What It Means To Be A Yankees Fan In L.A.


Troy Lippman, Reporter

The New York Yankees are one of the most popular and storied franchises in baseball history. They are a team that’s recognized worldwide, even for those who live in Los Angeles, not just in New York. You might’ve seen someone wearing a Yankees hat walking across the street. 

There are so many Yankees fans who live in Los Angeles and support the team while on the road and throughout the season.

My dad, who grew up on the east coast, and is a lifelong Yankees fan who moved to Los Angeles, remains an avid fan no matter where he lives. 

“They are such a popular team that there are people from many different states who like the Yankees,” he said, “especially in L.A. Whenever they come to the west coast to play the Angels or the Dodgers, I try to get tickets to the stadium to see them play because I’ve been a fan for such a long time growing up in New Jersey.”

My brother shares a similar thought on why he believes this team is so widely recognized.

“I think a lot of people have heard of the Yankees, because they’re a baseball team that has been around for a long time and have had some great players on their team that are well known,” he said.

The stadium for games the Yankees play in Los Angeles is usually packed with tons of cheering Yankees fans. 

The Yankees and Dodgers are two popular teams in large sports cities that many come to see in person, especially since they rarely play each other due to the Dodgers being in the National League.

The atmosphere when going to a Yankees game is electric. The fans are passionate about their team and the fanbase expects a good product to be put on the field each year. They expect nothing less. During a game I went to in New York last summer, Yankee stadium was packed and the fans were filled with excitement to watch the game.

 The Yankees have gotten off to a strong start this season and have improved both offensively and defensively. The pitching and hitting have been doing their job as the Yankees currently have the best record in baseball.

 They are also one of the more wealthy teams in sports, joining teams like the Dodgers, Lakers, Cowboys, Knicks, and Warriors. They’re expected to have and acquire great players to represent their team.

 Fans in Los Angeles are some of the most passionate sports fans. Yankees fans in L.A. share just as much excitement for the team as opposed to someplace else, except for probably New York because it’s where they’re originally from.