Students Attend Protests in Light of Supreme Court Leak


Zoe Woodrick, News Editor

People across Los Angeles, including a number of Venice High students, have participated in protests following the latest leak from the Supreme Court of a draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade. 

Roe v. Wade is the 1973 supreme court case in which the Supreme Court ruled that the constitution protected a pregnant woman’s choice to have an abortion. 

Senior Mia Chavez went to a protest in downtown Los Angeles earlier this month.

 “I went because bodily autonomy is very important to me,” she said.

The protests have been happening since the leak was first released and have brought about thousands of people across the country to protest in favor of abortion rights. 

“Historically, women and people with female reproductive systems have been used as tools to create life against their will rather than have their wants and needs respected when choosing what they do with their bodies,” Chavez said. “I believe everyone has the inalienable right to decide how they use their bodies.”

Roe has been a polarizing topic and issue, but the precedent has not been successfully re-evaluated until now. According to Planned Parenthood, by this summer, 26 states could move to ban abortion.