Pitch Perfect 2 Preview

Jacob Jimenez, Asst. Entertainment

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The acapella group called Barden Bellas is back and in a bad predicament. Elizabeth Banks who plays Gail in “Pitch Perfect 2,” also directs the movie. The film comes out May 15th with high hopes because the original did so well, making over $64 million in 2012.
“Pitch Perfect” got a lot of attention because Anna Kendricks’ popular song “The Cup Song”.

“Pitch Perfect 2“ has a lot of returning actors and actresses like Kendrick (Beca), Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy), Brittnay Snow (Chloe), Elizabeth Banks (Gail), Skylar Astin (Jesse), Hailee Steinfeld (Emily), and even more.

The “Pitch Perfect 2” trailer starts off with the Barden Bellas performing on a stage in front of the president of the United States and other very important people. During the performance Fat Amy gets on a harness and accidently flips over and shows her private part in front of a live television audience.

The show directors fire the Barden Bellas because the embarrassment. Now, the Barden Bellas have to find a way back to being famous and redeeming their name. The Barden Bellas go for the impossible and enter a national contest, but a USA team has never won.

The Barden Bellas will try and do the impossible.