Heat Wave Hits Venice High

Zoe Woodrick, Editor-in-Chief

The Venice High community has definitely felt the impact of the recent Southern California heat wave.

The National Weather Service has issued several heat advisories and warnings saying that heat illness may occur with high temperatures.  

Last week, temperatures reached the high 90s

Social studies teacher Ethan Krizman has noticed students being affected by the heat. 

“When we’re in an air-conditioned room, I can definitely tell they are relieved to be inside,” he said. 

LAUSD has had to modify athletics due to the heat wave. Some of the measures taken to adjust for the heat have been to postpone athletic competitions and make accommodations for students.

According to athletic coordinator Robin Hunt, Venice uses equipment to measure heat stress that takes temperature, humidity, wind speed, sun angle, and cloud cover into account. 

“Venice High School and our coaches all decrease and minimize exposure to the sun and increase the frequencies and location of water breaks,” he said. 

Sophomore Saffron Collins, a captain on the girls’ swim team, has had to adjust to pool temperatures getting warmer since the heat wave. 

“Once warmed up, you can start feeling light-headed and breathing can start to become difficult,” she said. 

According to Collins, drinking water and no long-distance swimming are very important as of right now. 

The district has also added the possibility of school cancellation if the temperature reaches 103 degrees or higher.