Queen Elizabeth’s Death: The End Of An Era

Matthew Estrada, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Venice High community has had a variety of responses to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. 

After 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II’s reign comes to an end, passing away September 8 at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. King Charles III has succeeded the late Queen.

“I think it has a big impact, because most people in the whole world have never known another King or Queen,” Japanese teacher Trasey Nomachi said. “The impact will be felt around the world, not just in England.”

When art teacher Chris Wright grew up in Canada, he actually got to see the Queen in person.

“When I was 5, she came to visit Ottawa, the nation’s Capital, and she drove by,” he said. “I remember we had just moved back up to Canada, and we went to this parade and she was driving by.

I would think I was underwhelmed as a kid. I thought it was going to be something really great. It was someone in a car.”

He also remembers how the Queen had a small influence in his Canadian education.

“We used to have to sing ‘God Save The Queen’ every day in Canadian School,” he said.  

On March 1, 1983 Queen Elizabeth actually visited Los Angeles alongside Prince Philip. They went to the City Hall and met with Mayor Tom Bradley.

Senior Sophia Lee said she was surprised about how long the Queen lived.

“She lived a long life, a successful reign, 70 years,” she said. “It’s just hard to see a good, strong, independent woman gone in the world.”

The Royal family has often been involved in scandals, including King Charles’ second marriage to Camila, Queen Consort and the death of his ex-wife Princess Diana. But, according to math teacher Lisa Thorne, the Queen has a more positive reputation. 

“Charles was just not the rallying point of pride for the English they way his mom was,” she said. 

Charles is now the King, and Prince William is expected to be the heir to the throne. 

“He has a big shoe to fill,” Nomachi said. 

There’s uncertainty about the future for the United Kingdom’s monarchy. But, one thing’s for certain: the Queen’s legacy will always remain, according to senior Kylie Kamal. 

“What I do know is nothing will ever compare to Queen Elizabeth and nobody can truly take her spot and leave a mark the way she did,” she said. 

Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral is scheduled for Monday, September 19 and will take place at Westminster Abbey.