Sporting The Christmas Spirit Before December Isn’t So Terrible

Cindy Martinez, Reporter

Autumn air, pumpkin spice lattes, tree’s turning different colors, and Christmas lights? 

When you’re taking a walk or shopping in October or November in a warm and fuzzy mood, most people don’t expect to see Christmas lights on houses or ornaments advertised in your face. I don’t have a problem with it—getting in the spirit is fun and exciting for any holiday, but is it possible that some people get in the spirit too early?

There is a difference between getting ready and being ready for Christmas. It’s understandable that a person gets ready by getting presents early to not struggle with last minute preparations, but having an inflatable Santa Claus on your front lawn, when kids are out still trick-or-treating in monster costumes, can be excessive. The decorations that people put out are bothersome, and it’s nice having a little bit of the Christmas spirit. What I do find a bit extreme is the amount of advertisements that are made. 

In past years, it was normal to see ads on TV, in late and early November, but this year the first I had seen was before Halloween.  Since then, TV Christmas ads have tripled. A Hobby Lobby Christmas ad was posted on October 31 but distracts you from it because it gives you the story of two girls ending a hot chocolate feud with the Christmas spirit with an announcement at the end of the great deal they’re giving out. Same goes for this Sainsbury ad that was published on November 3, telling the story of how a chef makes the perfect holiday dish. 

Same goes for Christmas promotions for in-store shopping. It feels like everyone has already forgotten about the fall decorations, which is why they are now put on sale while those same stores try to give out the best deals for Christmas decor, presents and gifts. I’m not surprised that many companies don’t even bother with making Thanksgiving decorations and go to the target point of the public, any great promotions they can get on Christmas.

Yes—I understand people simply just enjoy getting in the holiday spirit early and don’t care as much about Thanksgiving or the rest of fall. Winter, rain and hot chocolate can seem more lively in many ways, especially with the holiday and Christmas songs. 

You don’t hear that many songs on Halloween or Thanksgiving. So there’s no shame if Maria Carry’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” gets stuck in your head.